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Sam Wanamaker Playhouse

The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse (a new, indoor, candlelit space at the Globe Theatre) has impressed me today by putting tickets on sale for a Master of the Queen's Music concert on October 27th - that's very quick work indeed. Although this is as yet one announcement short of a concert, it's the brainchild of The Park Lane Group, and I understand that some of their immensely distinguished performer alumni/alumnae will be taking part in a programme of music by every Master from Sir Edward Elgar up to myself. This Jacobean-styled venue couldn't be more relevant to the origins of the 'King's Musick' when it was founded in 1626, and the wooden panelling looks very promising for playing/hearing music in. Updates will be posted on which Elgar-WalfordDavies-Bax-Bliss-Williamson-MaxwellDavies-Weir compositions you can look forward to.




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