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Aurora Orchestra, Live

I have written here recently about my revitalising trips to hear live music played. Up to now these events have been solo or duet performances in unusual places. Imagine my delight then, to be boarding the Northern Line on a visit to elegant King’s Place, in order to hear Aurora Orchestra, all six of them (this half-dozen including a wonderful soloist, Imogen Cooper.)

On the menu were the Trout Quintet, a new work by Electra Perivolaris and Mozart’s Piano Concerto K 503 – yes really, one of the biggest of those great concerti, arranged for five strings and piano by Ignaz Lachner in the 19th century. It sounded at times unrecognisable without any winds, but I was so happy to witness some generally Mozartian activity that I didn’t mind at all. The ‘business class’ experience of sitting in alternate seats and rows only, with empty spaces interposed, is also something that I didn’t have any problem with, except of course for worrying that it must be an incredible strain on KP’s finances.

My least favourite bit was emerging from the concert to encounter many half-recognisable masked faces in the foyer. I find that moment enough of a problem in normal conditions – and made a dash for King’s Cross tube extra-spookily quiet because of a complete weekend closedown of the mainline station.




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