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Bristol Choral Society

As frequently mentioned in these posts, it's a particular composer pleasure to hear your recent pieces in second performances by new artists. But a supercharged version of this experience would be: hearing a composition whose premiere you can only recall in a faint, uncertain way, now clearly articulated by a large super-confident chorus amidst a great wall of sound.

This was the case when I travelled to hear Bristol Choral Society, under Hilary Campbell's direction, recording Praise Him with Trumpets, for a Delphian release. It's a short biblical anthem with athletic trumpet parts. A thrill for me to hear this - I knew that big music was in there somewhere, but hadn't yet experienced it properly. Many thanks to all at BCS.

Our recording venue was the chapel of Clifton College, which I'd never visited before. Talking of 'big, confident' etc, I was staggered by the neo-gothic drama of this public school's campus, erected from the 1860s onwards. Even in our own heritage-y age, it's difficult to imagine building something so overtly historical to educate teenagers in.





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