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Coronation Latest

Now that every Coronation fact has been published, I think I'm permitted to leave my Non Disclosure Agreement behind me, and mention that my new work for the event will be heard at 9.30am in Westminster Abbey on Coronation day. It's a 3-minute orchestral overture titled Brighter Visions Shine Afar (I borrowed this expressive line from the Christmas carol, Angels from the Realms of Glory.) The performers will be the Coronation Orchestra, conducted by Tony Pappano. Working with this wonderful conductor, even for a very short time, has been my biggest Coronation thrill so far.

I believe that if you want to hear this piece live and uninterrupted, and the other orchestral commissions with it, you'll have to turn to BBC Radio 3's non-commentated broadcast of the Westminster Abbey music - bless them for doing this.

Meanwhile I've been doing a small round of interviews about the event, and a couple of interesting things are available online; BBC In Tune's fun Coronation podcast, and my interview with Mark Brierley of the Royal Society of Musicians. Estimates vary about how long we guests will be seated in the Abbey tomorrow; it looks like about five hours or so. See you on the other side!





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