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Play It Again

Thanks to the really very much appreciated facility of BBC Sounds, I've been catching up on some listening this week, and of course was particularly happy to discover two broadcasts of my own music. Firstly, Choral Evensong from Portsmouth Cathedral included vivid, lively performances of I love all beauteous things (opening introit) and The Tree of Peace (for organ, postlude). And then, in an amazing recital from the Cheltenham Festival, Helen Charlston and Kunal Lahiry included The Voice of Desire, in an ingenious programme entirely devoted to birds, birdsong, and what they seem to be saying.

It's very interesting what happens to the new works we composers write. Some of them take years to "land", or are even never heard of again. Others get taken up more widely much sooner, as is the case with the three pieces mentioned above. I wish I knew what you have to do to write music which immediately enters the "much sooner" category.

Pictured - Kennington Park





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