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King's College Chapel

Having written my new King’s College carol O Mercy Divine last February, I enjoyed the extended buildup to its premiere, which actually took place at a schools’ carol service in early December, followed by broadcasts on TV (Carols from King's) and radio (Nine Lessons and Carols). It was a great honour to be involved in Stephen Cleobury’s last year with this choir, and also with cellist Guy Johnston, such a subtle artist, for whom I’d written an obbligato in my carol.

I think though that some of my most contented moments during this period, and possibly the whole year, were those spent sitting in the Chapel staring at the windows – or even more beautifully, observing sunlight shining through them and gently reflecting dappled light onto the opposite wall, which happens during the middle hours of sunny days. All the services involved quite long waits, before and after, but I so relished these hours with the phone turned off (immediately after I took this snap, honestly) and nothing else claiming my attention.




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