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Koorschool Delft

In the month before Christmas, Delft’s Choir School organised a very successful online musical Advent Calendar, in aid of the Red Cross. They’ve done it again for Holy Week, which is just about to start. From Palm Sunday to Easter Day, subscribers will be sent a daily video from a series of choral luminaries, talking about their choice of seasonal music (with English and Dutch subtitles.)

There will also be a daily reflection from Carel ter Linden, a 'liberal preacher and writer' on each chosen choral text, and a specially commissioned introductory illustration for every episode. I have decided to speak about my setting of George Herbert’s Vertue, and the performance we’ll be using is by Echo Vocal Ensemble – a favourite recording of mine. If you feel inspired to support this good cause (at the princely sum of 11 Euros) here’s the link.

Pictured – apologies, Dutch people, I know this is Haarlem (St Bavo’s Catholic Cathedral.) I visited Delft only 14 months ago, but was too engaged by its wonderful sights to take any pictures. I'll be back!





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